Terms & Conditions

Rheem Australia Pty Limited (ABN 21 098 823 511) of 1 Alan Street, Rydalmere, New South Wales (Rheem) likes to reward its loyal business customers. To check if your business is eligible to share in these rewards, you must comply with these promotion terms.

These terms set out the basis on which Rheem will provide Reward Points to eligible businesses to be redeemed for merchandise, experiences or travel rewards listed on www.rheemrewards.com.au and www.everhotrewards.com.au upon claiming the purchase of those Rheem products listed in the Schedule, as amended by Rheem from time to time in accordance with these Terms (Participating Products).

These Terms are for the Rheem Rewards 2021/2022 Promotion (Rheem Rewards or Promotion) and take effect on 01/07/2021. Everhot Rewards operates as part of the broader Rheem Rewards promotion, and references in these Terms to “Rheem Rewards” or to the “Promotion” include Everhot Rewards.

  • Promotion period
  • Eligibility, Registration & Claims
  • Rheem Genuine Spare Parts
  • Performance Incentives, Points Redemption & Rewards
  • Changes to Participating Products & Reward Points
  • Privacy
  • Termination or suspension of Rheem Rewards
  • General
  • Any Questions?
  1. Promotion period
    This promotion will commence on 1/07/2021 and end at 11:59 pm AEST on 30/06/2022 (Promotion Period). All Reward Points must be redeemed by 11:59 pm AEST on 31/08/2022.

  1. Eligibility, Registration and Claims
    Participation is only open to:

    1. Australian residents aged 18 years or over who are licensed plumbers in Australia and work as sole traders (i.e. not as a part of, or as an employee of, a business) (Participating Individual); and
    2. Businesses in Australia who employ licensed plumbers and provide plumbing services in Australia (Participating Business).
  2. In these terms, Participants mean Participating Individuals and Participating Businesses.

  3. These rewards are not available if the Participant:

    1. is participating in any other offer related to Rheem or the Participating Products;
    2. is receiving project, government or builder pricing; or
    3. subsequently agrees to rebate arrangements in relation to the Participating Products.
  4. To be eligible to participate, earn points and claim rewards, Participants must:

    1. visit www.rheemrewards.com.au or www.everhotrewards.com.au and register for the promotion, by providing all of the requested details (Registration). Once their Registration is completed and verified as valid, Participants will be issued with a unique login name and password that will allow access to an online account. Registration by a Participant at one of the rewards websites will automatically result in registration with the other site, and the Participant’s login name and password will be the same for both sites;
    2. purchase a Participating Product during the Promotion Period either from Rheem or an authorised re-seller, being any retailer in Australia who can issue a valid tax invoice as described in paragraph 11 below;
    3. login to their online account at www.rheemrewards.com.au for purchases made during the Promotion Period. All purchases must be claimed within 6 months of purchase or by 31/08/22, which ever date occurs first, by:
      1. submitting details of the Participating Product purchased, and where and from whom it was purchased; and
      2. uploading a scanned copy of the tax invoice (clearly showing the invoice number, date of purchase, the Participant’s details including business name and Participating Product details)
    4. in relation to the purchase of Rheem genuine spare parts:
      1. register with Rheem Spare Parts;
      2. purchase Rheem genuine spare parts during the Promotion Period from Rheem; and
      3. upload the monthly summary of purchased spare parts provided by Rheem for purchases made during the Promotion Period. All monthly summaries must be uploaded within 6 months of purchase or by 31/08/2022, which ever date occurs first.
  5. All Registrations, claims and other actions under these Terms by Participating Businesses must be completed by an authorised representative of the business. Authorised representatives must be aged 18 years or over.

  6. During the Registration process, Participants will be asked to provide a contact email address. The email address provided by a:

    1. Participating Individual must be an email address in the individual’s name or the primary email address used for the individual’s own business purposes; or
    2. Participating Business must be the primary email address used by that business (if applicable), or otherwise the business email address of the authorised representative completing the Registration.
  7. Registrations and claims can only be submitted via the methods outlined above; no other means will be accepted, unless advised otherwise by Rheem in its absolute discretion.

  8. Incomplete or indecipherable Registrations and claims will be invalid.

  9. Only 1 claim can be submitted for each Participating Product purchased.

  10. Participants must retain their original tax invoice for all claims for a period of 3 months after the end of the Promotion Period. Failure to produce the original tax invoice for any claim when requested by Rheem may, in the absolute discretion of Rheem, result in invalidation of that claim and forfeiture of all rights to a reward based on that claim.
  11. Rheem reserves the rights, at any time, to:

    1. verify the validity of Registrations, claims and Participants (including their identity, age and place of residence and/or business); and
    2. disqualify any Participant who has breached any of these Terms.

Rheem Genuine Spare Parts

  1. Reward Points for genuine spare parts are calculated monthly on the total of all purchases of genuine spare parts from Rheem made during that month. Reward Points are earned in multiples of 1,000 as illustrated in the table below:

    Monthly Spend (exc GST) Reward Points received
    $1 - $200.00 1,000
    $200.01 – $400.00 2,000
    $400.01 – $600.00 3,000
    $600.01 - $800.00 etc.  4,000

Performance Incentives, Points Redemption and Rewards

  1. For every purchase claimed in accordance with paragraph 5, Participants will have Reward Points awarded to their online account in accordance with the table set out in the Schedule, as amended by Rheem from time to time in accordance with these Terms, once Rheem has verified the claims, within 7 days of receipt of the claim. From time to time Rheem may have special offers which will entitle Participants to earn additional Reward Points. Reward Points will be allocated to, and held in, a single online account accessible via both www.rheemrewards.com.au and www.everhotrewards.com.au.

  2. Once Reward Points are allocated to their account, Participants can then use those Points to claim any rewards listed at www.rheemrewards.com.au or www.everhotrewards.com.au, provided they have the required number of points to redeem that reward (as listed on the website) by 11.59 pm AEST on 31/08/2022. Any Points not redeemed by that time will be forfeited.

  3. Once Reward Points are used to redeem a reward, those Points will be deducted from the Participant’s online account.

  4. All rewards must be accepted as offered and cannot be exchanged for cash or other benefits. Reward Points and rewards are not transferable, may not be redeemed by any other person and may not be pooled.

  5. Rewards are subject to any additional conditions specified on the website and/or by the reward suppliers. This may include but is not limited to additional delivery costs associated with goods being despatched to residential addresses by some reward suppliers.

  6. If for any reason a Participant does not collect their selected reward at/by the time stipulated by Rheem, the reward may be forfeited.

  7. If any reward is unavailable, Rheem, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the reward with a reward of the equal value and/or specification.

  8. Without limiting any other rights Rheem may have, Participants acknowledge that Rheem may use their redemption histories (ie. the merchandise, experiences, travel and/or other rewards that they have redeemed historically with the Rewards Points they have earned) for the purposes of promoting Rheem Rewards, including promoting the types of rewards redeemed by Participants.

  9. From time to time, Rheem may contact a Participant seeking a comment about one or more rewards redeemed by that Participant using the Rewards Points they have earned. A Participant may agree to provide such a comment or may decline to do so. If a Participant provides a comment to Rheem, the Participant consents to Rheem using the comment (including identifying and quoting the Participant, and describing the relevant reward(s)) in any media for an unlimited period, without remuneration, for the purposes of promoting Rheem Rewards.

  10. Unless a Participant agrees to provide a comment to Rheem as described in paragraph 22 or otherwise provides their consent, Rheem will not publicly disclose the identities of individual Participants or the rewards redeemed by identified individual Participants.

Changes to Participating Products and Reward Points

  1. Rheem may change the Participating Products and the Reward Points awarded for each Participating Product from time to time during the Promotion Period by:

    1. posting the change on www.rheemrewards.com.au and/or www.everhotrewards.com.au; and
    2. notifying Participants by email to the email address linked to the Participant’s account.
  2. Any changes to the Participating Products, or the Reward Points awarded for a Participating Product, will take effect 28 days after the change is originally posted.


  1. Rheem collects Participants’ personal information in order to offer and administer Rheem Rewards (including the plumber’s name, business address, plumber’s licence number, mobile number, and email address, as well as information regarding products purchased by the plumber, the place of purchase and the date of purchase, the Rewards Points earned, and rewards redeemed using Rewards Points). If the personal information requested by Rheem is not provided, the Participant may not participate in Rheem Rewards.

  2. The Participant’s personal information will be handled by Rheem in accordance with its Privacy Policy (which can be found at www.rheem.com.au/privacy) and these Terms. By participating in Rheem Rewards, each Participant is consenting to Rheem’s handling of the Participant’s personal information in accordance with the Rheem Privacy Policy and these Terms. This use includes the use of the Participant’s personal information for direct marketing purposes. Participants may choose to opt-out of the use of their personal information for direct marketing purposes by contacting the Rheem privacy officer either by:

    1. post to 1 Alan Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia or PO Box 7508, Silverwater NSW 2128;
    2. email to privacy@rheem.com.au; or
    3. telephone on (02) 9684 9100.

Termination or suspension of Rheem Rewards

  1. Rheem gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of Rheem Rewards. Rheem may terminate or suspend Rheem Rewards at any time by giving at least three months’ notice to Participants (except if Rheem ceases to operate its business and/or has gone into liquidation or other form of administration, in which case Rheem Rewards will cease, and Rheem will cancel any Rewards Points, immediately).

  2. If Rheem terminates or suspends Rheem Rewards, Participants will be able to redeem Rewards Points during the notice period (if any) in accordance with these Terms.

  3. Subject to paragraph 32, Rheem will not be liable to Participants in any way in connection with the termination or suspension of Rheem Rewards, including for any unused Rewards Points in a Participant’s account at the time of termination or suspension.


  1. All costs related to participating in this Promotion, and any tax liability arising out of participating in this Promotion, are the responsibility of the Participant.

  2. Nothing in these Terms excludes, restricts or modifies any consumer guarantee, right or remedy conferred by the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable law that cannot be lawfully excluded, restricted or modified by agreement. All other terms, warranties, guarantees, rights or liability which would otherwise be implied or apply to these Terms are excluded. To the extent permitted by law, in respect of goods or services that are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption, Rheem's liability is limited, at its option, to:

    1. in the case of goods, replacing or repairing the goods or supplying equivalent goods, or paying for the cost of replacing or repairing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods;
    2. in the case of services, resupplying, or paying the cost of resupplying, the services.
  3. To the extent permitted by law, Rheem is not liable whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss of profits or any indirect or consequential loss, damage, cost or expense arising from or in connection with this Promotion.
  4. A Participant must not assign or transfer, or purport to assign or transfer, to any other person any of its rights under these Terms. Rheem may assign or transfer to a related party any of its rights or obligations under these Terms.

Any questions?

  1. If you have any questions regarding this Promotion, please contact us on 1300 909 545.

SCHEDULE- PARTICIPATING PRODUCTS: Domestic Residential Models (as amended by Rheem from time to time in accordance with the Terms)

Rheem Electric Storage Model No. Reward Points
25L Electric VE 111025 / 191025 1,000
45L/47L Electric VE 191045 1,000
50L Electric VE 191050 1,000
50L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric 4A1050 3,000
80L Electric VE 481080 / 491080 4,000
80L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric 4A1080 5,000
125L Electric VE 491125 6,000
125L RheemPlus Electric VE 421125 6,000
125L Rheem DualTEMP Electric VE 431125 6,000
125L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric 4A1125 7,000
160L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 491160 / 492160 6,000
160L RheemPlus Electric VE 421160 6,000
160L Rheem DualTEMP Electric VE 431160 6,000
160L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric 4A1160 7,000
250L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 491250 / 492250 8,000
250L RheemPlus Electric VE 421250 8,000
250L Rheem DualTEMP Electric VE 431250 8,000
250L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric (Single & Twin Element) 4A1250 / 4A2250 9,000
315L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 491315 / 492315 8,000
315L RheemPlus Electric VE 421315 8,000
315L Rheem DualTEMP Electric VE 431315 8,000
315L Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric (Single & Twin Element) 4A1315 / 4A2315 9,000
400L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 491400 / 492400 8,000

Rheem Gas Storage Model No. Points Earned
90L 4 Star Gas VE 347090 4,000
135L 3 Star Gas VE (Indoor) 800135 6,000
135L 4 Star Gas VE 347135 6,000
170L 3 Star Gas VE (Indoor) 800170 6,000
170L 4 Star Gas VE 347170 6,000
265 RheemPlus 5 Star Gas VE 850265 8,000
295 RheemPlus 5 star Gas VE 850295 8,000
330 Rheem Stellar 5 Star Gas 850330 8,000
340 Stainless Steel 5 Star Gas 8A0340 8,000
360 Rheem Stellar 5 Star Gas 850360 8,000

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Model No. Points Earned
12L/min 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C)  874812 / 876812 2,000
16L/min Metro 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C)  874T16 / 876T16 2,000
20L/min 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C)  874820 / 876820 2,000
26L/min Metro 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C)  874T26 / 876T26 3,000
27L/min 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C)  874627 / 876627 4,000
27L/min Internal 6 Star Continuous Flow Gas (50°C & 60°C) 864627 / 866627 4,000

Rheem Pronto Instantaneous Gas Model No. Reward Points
12L/min Pronto Instantaneous Gas 834012 2,000
16L/min Pronto Instantaneous Gas 834016 2,000

Rheem Heat Pump Model No. Reward Points
270L Rheem AMBIHEAT Heat Pump 551270 9,000

AquaMAX Electric Storage Model No. Points Earned
50L Electric VE 991050 500
80L Electric VE 981080 2,000
125L Electric VE 981125 3,000
160L Electric VE 971160 3,000
160L Electric Squat VE 9W1160 3,000
250L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 991250 / 992250 4,000
315L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 991315 / 992315 4,000
400L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 991400 / 992400 4,000

AquaMAX Gas Storage Model No. Reward Points
270 5 Star Stainless Steel Gas G270SS 3,000
340 5 Star Stainless Steel Gas G340SS 4,000
390 5 Star Stainless Steel Gas G390SS 4,000

Vulcan Electric Storage Model No. Points Earned
50L Electric VE 691050 500
80L Electric VE 601080 2,000
125L Electric VE 601125 3,000
160L Electric VE 671160 3,000
250L Electric VE 661250 4,000
315L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 661315 / 662315 4,000
400L Electric (Single & Twin Element) VE 661400 / 662400 4,000

Vulcan Duomax Electric Storage Model No. Points Earned
Vulcan DUOMAX 50L Dual Handed Electric 6D1050 500
Vulcan DUOMAX 80L Dual Handed Electric 6D1080 2,000
Vulcan DUOMAX 125L Dual Handed Electric 6D1125 3,000
Vulcan DUOMAX 160L Dual Handed Electric 6D1160 3,000
Vulcan DUOMAX 250L Dual Handed Electric 6D1250 4,000
Vulcan DUOMAX 315L Dual Handed Electric 6D1315 4,000
Vulcan DUOMAX 400L Dual Handed Electric 6D1400 4,000

Vulcan Gas Storage Model No. Reward Points
135L 4 Star Gas VE 648135 3,000
170L 4 Star Gas VE 648170 3,000

Rheem Heavy Duty Electric Storage (Commercial) Model No. Reward Points
50L HD Electric (3 Element) 613050 8,000
315L HD Electric (3 Element) 613315 12,000
315L HD Electric (6 Element) 616315 14,000

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage (Commercial) Model No. Reward Points
260L HD Gas - Internal & External 620260 / 630260 12,000
265L HD Gas - Internal & External 624265 / 634265 14,000
275L HD Gas - Internal & External 624275 / 634275 16,000

Rheem Commercial Gas Continuous Flow Model No. Points Earned
27L/min Commercial Continuous Flow Gas - Internal & External 862627/872627 8,000

Rheem Tankpak Series 3 Model No. Reward Points
Tankpak 1 - Internal & External TP301 10,000
Tankpak 2 - Internal & External TP302 20,000
Tankpak 3 - Internal & External TP303 30,000
Tankpak 4 - Internal & External TP304 35,000
Tankpak 5 - Internal & External TP305 40,000
Tankpak 6 - Internal & External TP306 45,000
Tankpak 7 - Internal & External TP307 60,000
Tankpak 8 - Internal & External TP308 60,000
Tankpak 9 - Internal & External TP309 70,000
Tankpak 10 - Internal & External TP310 70,000
Tankpak 12 - Internal & External TP312 70,000
Tankpak 14 - Internal & External TP314 70,000
Tankpak 16 - Internal & External TP316 70,000
Tankpak 18 - Internal & External TP318 70,000

Rheem Lazer Above-Bench Boiling Water Model No. Reward Points
3L Lazer Eco 70303W 2,000
5L Lazer Eco 70305W 3,000
7.5L Lazer Eco 70307W 4,000
7.5L Lazer Commercial 70207 4,000
10L Lazer Commercial 70210 5,000
15L Lazer Commercial 70215 6,000
25L Lazer Commecial 70225 7,000
40L Lazer Commercial 70240 8,000

Rheem MAXI Boiling Water Units Model No. Points Earned
MAXI 3 - Filtered, Boiling & Chilled - Aqua Tap FBC165/180-AQ / FBC165/180-AZ 12,000
MAXI 4 - Filtered, Boiling, Chilled, Hot - Aqua Tap FBCH165/180-AQS / FBCH165/180-AZD 14,000

Everhot Dual Handed Electric Storage Model No. Points Earned
25L Dual Handed Electric 291025 500
50L Dual Handed Electric 291050 500
50L Stainless Steel Electric 2A1050 1,500
80L Dual Handed Electric 281080 2,000
125L Dual Handed Electric 281125 3,000
160L Dual Handed Electric 271160 3,000
250L Dual Handed (Single & Twin Element) Electric 291250 / 292250 4,000
250L Stainless Steel Electric 2A1250 5,000
315L Dual Handed (Single & Twin Element) Electric 291315 / 292315 4,000
315L Stainless Steel Electric 2A1315 5,000
400L Dual Handed (Single & Twin Element) Electric 291400 / 292400 4,000

Everhot Gas Storage Model No. Points Earned
135L 4 Star Gas VE 218135 3,000
170L 4 Star Gas VE 218170 3,000
130L 272 5 Star Gas VE 252265 4,000
160L 302 5 Star Gas VE 252295 4,000
155L 450+ 5 Star Gas Stainless Steel 2AG450N0 4,000

Everhot Pro Heavy Duty Electric Model No. Points Earned
50L Pro HD Electric 623050 4,000
315L Pro HD Electric 623315 7,000

Everhot Heavy Duty Gas Model No. Points Earned
260L HD Gas - Internal & External 632260 / 622260 6,000
275L HD Gas - Internal & External 635275 / 625275 8,000

Everhot Boiling Water Model No. Points Earned
3L Above-Bench Boiling Water 72303W-AU 1,500
5L Above-Bench Boiling Water 72305W-AU 2,500